Manx Sport and Recreation is an organisation encompassing both the National Sports Centre (NSC) and the Sports Development Unit (SDU) and is committed to creating accessible opportunities to participate in sport and physical activity and ensure people remain involved and active throughout their lives.

We are extremely committed to creating accessible opportunities in sport and physical activity.

Our vision is to enhance and enrich people’s lives through regular and sustainable participation in sport and physical activit

We will help address the onset of obesity that is now a common feature of modern society and enable young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to contribute positively in their community.

We aim to deliver opportunities for people to be engaged in sport for life and for those with talent to flourish on the world stage, demonstrating what a proud sporting nation the Isle of Man is.

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Healthy Living

UK Healthy Living Eco Schools Topic Link UNESCO Biosphere IoM Education Links This eco schools topic helps to address your health, and our planet’s health. These two issues are intrinsically linked! Here in the Isle of Man the groups listed on this page…

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