Manx Whale and Dolphin Watch have now been studying cetaceans around the Isle of Man for 14 years. We carry out land-based surveys, boat-based surveys, photo-identification, outreach and education and run a small visitor’s centre. We work closely with the public, appearing at various events, giving talks and teaching in schools. We have taken on full-time volunteers (the Dolphineers) every summer since 2010 who help us run the organisation throughout the summer, as well as local volunteers who assist with survey work. We are a marine stakeholder and liaise with DEFA to advise on any marine planning issues, and work with other cetacean research groups around Britain and Europe to provide data and learn about the movements of animals between locations. We currently consist of 3 voluntary staff; Tom Felce, Jen Adams and Bryony Manley with the help of our summer Dolphineers and local helpers.

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Or contact Jen directly to discuss: 610131 or 393496

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